Anyone who has ever tasted French pastry can vouch for the heavenly taste of French specialties. In the post I am sharing with you today, let’s learn together how to make French pastry pie crust, one of the most common, yet delicious, recipes offered to the world by this extraordinary cuisine.

As is the case with every recipe in the universe, different chefs and even home cooks use their very own tricks when making this type of pie crust, but, for the sake of offering you the basic information needed for cooking French pastry, I will stick to a classic version that you may want to alter on the go, or when you see fit.

First, let’s see what ingredients we need for our recipe. The main ingredient, as in any pastry, is flour, from which you will need a solid full cup (about 5 ounces). It is preferable to use unbleached flour, but any flour will work if you do not have anything else at your disposal. Next on your list should be 3 ounces of butter, the unsalted variety, so that it does not alter the taste of your pie crust, or make it too salty. One tablespoon of oil, one tablespoon of unrefined sugar and three tablespoons of water complete the list of ingredients. Add a bit of salt, up to half a tablespoon, but no more.

Before starting to make the dough for the pie crust, make sure to preheat the oven at 410F. Use a tart tin on a baking sheet, the removable kind, so you can obtain the beautiful crust you want without any troubles. These are the preliminary preparations. We will get to work right away.

In a bowl, place the chomped pieces of butter with the salt, and put the bowl in the oven, until the butter is completely melted and it starts making bubbles on the surface. This should not take longer than 15 minutes, using a preheated oven. Take the bowl with the butter out of the oven and pour all the flour over it. Add the water and oil. Make sure to use a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients, to avoid burning your hands. The dough you obtain should not be very hard and easy to spread on the tart tin you put aside at the beginning of this recipe.

To give your crust a nice look, once you can touch the dough with your hand, as you pour it and spread it on the tart tin, raise its edges and press them against the edge of the tart tin. Bake your pie crust in the oven for about 15 minutes. You can fill your pie crust with anything you like, for delicious pies that the entire family will love.


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