Quick recipes are the best to start cooking at home because they practically make everything easy. From the ones I like best, I must say, hand on heart, that quesadillas are among the most delicious out there and they are easy to cook. What makes them even better is that they can be made with the help of a special cooking device that I discovered not so long ago: a quesadilla maker.

The model I decided to purchase is from Betty Crocker, and it is a great quesadilla maker that I use every time I am in the mood for making quesadillas with zero headaches. First things first, I need to tell you that this quesadilla maker is quite versatile and it can be used for making a wide range of tasty snacks, such as frittatas, quiches, nachos and, of course, quesadillas. Whenever I have a craving for a home-cooked meal, and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, all I need to do is to fire up my quesadilla maker and get it to work. In just a few minutes, I have fresh quesadillas, with minimum effort and maximum flavor.

Especially when I am in a hurry, I find the Betty Crocker Quesadilla Maker to be a great helper in the kitchen. The ready to bake indicator light comes in handy, because I usually start preparing the food while I turn on the machine, and I am grateful for not having to keep an eye on it. What I like extremely about this cooking appliance is the fact that its thermostat regulates temperature so that it creates the perfect baking environment for making quesadillas, without burning them or leaving them insufficiently cooked.

After I am done with the cooking, I am pretty thankful for the non-stick cooking plates this quesadilla maker comes equipped with. Besides the fact that I never burn my quesadillas, I know for a fact that cleaning is a breeze. All that I need to do is to wipe them clean, and the quesadilla maker is as good as new, and ready to be used the next time I am in the mood for these delicious Mexican snacks.

The Betty Crocker quesadilla maker is very compact in size and easy to store away. I am pretty concerned with a number of cooking appliances I have around, since cooking is my life, so I am pleased with seeing products that are made to be easily accommodated in a kitchen cabinet. The cord wraps at the base, and the appliance does not take up a lot of room, so, all in all, I think this is a great quesadilla maker.

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